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Heavy credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality
We strive for perfection in the process of production
  1. Production of screw head
  2. Production of cut-drilling
  3. Production of thread-rolling
  4. Production of hex-drilling screws
We are the best manufacturer, let's do business together

Weihao Group was founded in 2000 , Specializing in the manuacturer and export of screw products, It has two factories and a export company, Our main products are drywall screws, gypsum screws, drilling screw, hexagon screw and other metal screws. After 16 years' development, it has enjoyed high recognition in the market .Weihao group, strength, heavy credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, variety of operating characteristics and the principle of small profits, won the trust of our customers Products are mainly exported to India, Egypt, dubai, Poland the United States and other countries . MORE

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Screw profile

Metric thread in MM (millimeter) as the unit, its tooth Angle of 60 degrees. American thread and inch thread is for the unit in inches. Usmade thread tooth Angle is 60 degrees, the...MORE