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Automatic light weight technology of auto punching rivet for hardware

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Over the next few years, with the continuous growth of light body, closed plate and aluminum materials applications, self piercing rivet will also be used as a large number of structural connections, in the automotive manufacturing field to play a greater role. It is understood that Audi (Audi), BMW (BMW), general (GM), Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and Tesla (Tesla) after self piercing rivets using cars small, Ford (Ford) F series aluminum pickup will start the rivet connection technology into the mainstream market.

The combination of self piercing rivet and mechanical structural adhesive is not only stronger, but also has other advantages. The rivet can be connected to the adjacent metal plates together to ensure that the adhesive can be fully contacted during the whole assembly process of the vehicle. Experts said that if there is no rivet, adhesive connection assembly speed can not compete with the spot.

Stanley engineering Fastenal Company (SEF, formerly known as Teknologies Emhart) fastener research and development manager Dr. Wissling Matthias said, "self punching rivet can be aluminum and other metals linked together. Over the next few years, the use of such connections will be significantly improved in the world."

Recently, Wissling and several other senior executives at the company's headquarters in Michigan, Troy received a "Automotive Engineering", and jointly explore the impact of rivets and other structural parts of the innovation.

Since the last century in 90s, the first landing of the aluminum body of Audi A8, since the rivet in the eyes of the European car manufacturers in the eyes of a solid. In North America, as car manufacturers began to use aluminum, and other lightweight materials that could not be connected by conventional welding technology, the application of self piercing rivets began to show an upward trend.

According to the Dakota consulting firm (Ducker Worldwide) 2015 global automotive lightweight aluminum accounted for on 2025, aluminum body plate and the closure of the amount from 2012 to 200 million pounds to 4 billion pounds of growth. Among them, the use of aluminum in the engine cover will reach 85%, part of the door to reach 46%, the use of the full body will reach 18%. In contrast, in 2015, the body of a large number of aluminum materials used less than 1%. Although the spot is still the most commonly used steel white car body connection technology, but senior mechanical fastening technology has become an increasingly popular choice. Self piercing rivet fastening process can be connected to aluminum, steel, plastic, carbon fiber reinforced composite materials and a variety of materials, the whole process does not need to punch in advance.

Experts point out that the entire fastening process of self piercing rivet does not need heating, this process can be used to connect the same or different materials on the white body, such as steel - steel and aluminum - steel connections. "This is very important," Dr. Wissling said. "It is important to know that adding a connection to the body of the white car creates additional processes and costs."

SEF Sivakumar, vice president of innovation, said Ramasamy, the company can provide a variety of products, including metal clips, mosaic pieces, double headed screw and self rivet, etc., there are a variety of fastening assembly system. Dr. Ramasamy said, "to achieve the 2025 corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards, manufacturers need to continue to expand the use of white light body material, so in the future the market will appear more types of white body fastening technology and connectivity products."

Ramasamy said, "I hope the company can come up with more innovative solutions, this can be the new products, new technology, new business model, so as to take time for the possibility of future wireless." Engineers and marketing experts Ramasay team established in 2017, started work in Germany near the office of ferguson. The only responsibility of the team is to innovate.

"Can an automatic car use a plastic body? If so, what kind of fastening technology should be used in the plastic white body? The company may introduce a plastic rivet or binder that meets the requirements." Dr. Ramasamy believes that the innovation team must track a variety of emerging trends, and then come up with the corresponding solution."

For more than 30 years, the core product of SEF company has been the spot welding technology. However, as the body material has changed, the corresponding fasteners have also evolved.

SEF has invested a lot of money for the innovation team, which is by no means accidental. "We want to grow our business through innovation. We hope to have the ability to connect lightweight materials." "But that's not the only thing we have to do," Dr. Ramasamy said. After 2025, may also appear some new things in the industry, we should prepare for."

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