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Hardware origin

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One, the "hardware"

Hardware, as the name implies, is refers to the five kind of metal. Hardware the word first appeared in four "he lu transfer conditions" in "wu yue chun qiu" : "I hear the cause make five o ye zi made sword, lu the... a light, and the hardware of the British, the essence of the sun." In accordance with the han •

shihuozhi 'on' gold, knife, turtles, bei 'note: "gold, refers to gold and five colours, yue golden yellow, white, silver, red, copper, qing yue lead, yue iron black." "Modern Chinese dictionary" explains: hardware, gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, referring to the metal. Now the hardware used for metal or copper iron and other products.

The further application of the metal, for human civilization played an important role in the development of social history. Metal products, in the economic life, political life, and military activities. Such as zhejiang yongkang, since ancient times known as "the workers of the township", hardware handicraft industry but also has a long history. Since the southern song dynasty is in yongkang coppersmith, crisscrossed the blacksmith, going out to make a living, in the

history of early has "hardware craftsman go four party, the government to scrap the county and carrots," says.

History into the modern industrial society, metal - metal products industry is booming, the hardware industry in the national economic development plays

an inestimable role, hardware products have become industrial manufacturing indispensable link of an industry.

Second, the hardware fittings

The traditional metal products, also known as "hardware". Refers to the iron, steel, aluminum and other metal after forging, rolling, cutting, and so on physical processing and manufacturing of all kinds of metal components. For example, hardware tools, metal parts, daily hardware, building hardware, security

products and so on. Hardware products are not the final consumer goods. But as industrial manufacturing of products, semifinished products and tools

used in production process and so on. Only a small part of the daily hardware products is a tool for people's life must be kind of consumer goods.

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